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Why buy and sell at
Buying and selling with an auction style sale at is easy and very cost effective. You can list your items for FREE and if it doesn't sell, you pay nothing! Also, unlike newspaper ads, you can place good clear photos of your item which greatly increase your chances of a sale. There are fees if your item sells but those fees are generally less than placing ads. is a very effective tool in closing the gap between buyers and is perfect for Cars, boats, motorcycles, appliances, yard equipment, furniture, car parts, household goods, T.V.'s, etc.
Why not just use the bigger auction sites?
For starters, the bigger sites have "insertion fees" which means you have to pay to enter a listing. Ours is FREE to list. We are different from other sites in that we target a specific area, New England. It would be rather difficult to sell, lets say a furniture set, a riding lawnmower, a car, a boat, a jet-ski, appliances, etc., on those bigger sites because people do not want to deal with shipping these large items. Many people do not feel comfortable buying these large, high cost items without seeing them.  Also, many bigger sites have many similar listings creating more competition for you and you may be placed so far down the list thus creating less visibility for your listing.
How do I join
Registering with is fast, easy, and FREE! Take a moment to complete the registration form and you're ready! Click here to register.
How much does it cost to sell on

Basic listing on is free. Basic listings include one category, title, description, and six pictures. There are several options to enhance your listings that do have fees associated with them. Please see the Fee Schedules page for more information.


I registered but never received my verification code.

The most common reasons that this happens is either a typo in the email address or spam filters. If this happens you can either retry to register with a different screen name and email address or email us at and we'll try to correct the issue on this end for you.

Does have a privacy policy? is dedicated in providing our customers with a strong privacy and security policy. Please see our Privacy Policy for greater detail.
Does have Feedback scores for users on its community? is dedicated in creating and maintaining a community where users with good reputations stand out. When you share a transaction with someone, you both can share your experience in the form of feedback. You can rate each other with a positive, negative or neutral score. You are also encouraged to leave a short comment. Always be careful what you say because once you say something, you can't take it back. users develop their reputation with these Feedback scores.
How can I prevent fraud on
Exercise caution as you would with any internet purchase. Check the person's feedback score and never pay with untraceable forms of payment. currently does not offer any insurance policies to our users so these practices are vital. Please keep in mind that this is a local auction site and most of the items sold at will be picked up by the purchaser thus creating a much safer buying environment.
Can I end a listing before the advertised end date?
A listing can be ended early under "My Account." If you decide to end your listing early, any outstanding bids on your item will remain in effect and you will be obligated to sell. Please make sure that you want to sell your item before placing it up for auction.
I get an error message during picture upload.
This can either be from the file being too big or your browser. Safari is prone to this. You can also try using a different browser and that should do it.
What area does cover? concentrates its focus in the New England area. However, we have  buyers and sellers registering from all over the United States. Buyers and sellers worldwide are welcome to use our site!
Can I see a summary of all my transactions?
Yes you can. In My Account is a complete summary of all your buying and selling activities on both historical and current. The My Account section is your hub to all your activities.
Can I modify my Personal and Billing Information?
Yes you can. The My Account section is your source for this functionality. In My Account you can modify your Personal Information such as passwords, name, email address, mailing address, and telephone numbers. In Billing Information, you can modify credit card, account information and payment options.
Will I get an email if my item sells OR if I win an auction?
Yes. By default all users have full email notification set. Sellers will receive an email when their listing ends with or without a winning buyer. By default, a Buyer will receive an email when their bid is successful or when they are outbid.
What is the difference between an English Auction and a Dutch Auction?
The main difference between the two is quantity. An English Auction is an auction in which you are attempting to be the highest bidder on a listing of which there is only a quantity of one. A Dutch Auction is a unique type of auction designed for Sellers with a number of identical items to sell. The Seller specifies the minimum price (starting bid) and the exact number of items that are available at that price. The bidders bid at or above that minimum price also indicating the number of items that they are interested in buying. In Dutch Auctions, the combination of highest bidders and earliest bidders are winners of whatever quantity is available. The value of a bid in a Dutch Auction is derived by the total quantity of items bid on and multiplied by the bid price.
Are there Fixed Price listings on
What payment options are available on

To help control costs, we only accept PayPal at the current time.

Can anything be sold on

No. There is a list of restricted items that cannot be sold on Please Click Here for a complete list.

Can I relist an item without having to re-do the entire ad?

Yes you can! Simply log into your account. Go to "Unsold". From there, you will see your item that did not sell. Just select "List Similar" and proceed. It's that simple!

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