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“Where the big stuff sells better”

TheZLot.com, an auction and classified ad site, has recently been created by a Connecticut entrepreneur, to give CT. and neighboring New England state residents an effective avenue to sell almost any item from dozens of different categories including, cars, boats, appliances, furniture, TVs, audio equipment, hot-tubs, lawn mowers, snowblowers, etc.

TheZLot.com, which works much like EBAY, is also very different. At TheZLot.com, a basic listing is FREE. It also makes selling larger items more practical since we deal with the New England area and this saves the seller the hassle of “shipping” their bulky item. 

You can sell just about anything at TheZLot.com, however, many of the items you might see at TheZlot.com are items most people wouldn’t look to sell on EBAY because of size or weight. TheZlot.com gives buyers some assurance that they can physically see the product once they win the bidding since the auction is local.  Your buyer can come right to your home and pick it up! It’s not practical to auction off furniture, appliances, TVs, ETC., on a worldwide level for several reasons. 

For Starters, does a buyer really want to spend thousands on something that they cannot see? Some will, but most won’t.

Secondly, there is the hassle of trying to deliver the wide-screen TV you just auctioned off to someone living hundreds of miles away.

TheZLot.com closes this gap and offers a new avenue for buyers and sellers alike. TheZLot.com is also a great advertising avenue for commercial businesses. Car dealers, furniture retailers, consignment shops, and many more. You can also place multiple color photos of your item(s) at TheZLot.com so buyers can really review what it is that you’re selling which is very difficult to do via the newspapers and dramatically less in cost.

TheZLot.com gives buyers and sellers alike a whole new dimension in the buying and selling process. It’s a practical and cost effective tool for computer users from the novice level on up.

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